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Non-Standard Value

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Other Portland / Weymouth-based Handymen and Property Maintenance operatives include Chesil Property Maintenance and HouseMartin. Martin is much Like Upcycle Interiors Limited – offering a broad range of skills and virtually able to cater for everything that a complete renovation requires. A promising fact is that House Martin does not advertise cheap or value prices and they aren’t trying to do everything at the lowest level.

Why would trades/builders advertise “cheap prices” as if it is a selling factor? It seems presumptuous to assume that the customer is looking for the cheapest builder, maybe the customer is looking for someone to do a more thorough job, or the customers' project is not straightforward so an economical or quick “in-and-out” solution isn’t suitable for them? To offer a great price on a job before you’ve even seen it seems impossible does it not?

Upcycle Interiors Limited actually prefer the non-standard jobs, the tricky ones, the projects that require careful design, planning, organisation and thought. Some notable past projects have been –

  • Second-hand, handmade kitchen, reclaimed from another property, adapted to fit with commercial kitchen units alongside some new flat-pack Ikea kitchen units;

  • Laminate flooring for a house built in 1720 (about 10 niches to cut around, nothing remotely close to 90 degrees!);

  • Building a bespoke lean-to shed to fit an awkward space;

  • Emergency repair of a log cabin that was at serious risk of imminent collapse;

  • Finishing works to a campervan conversion;

  • Extensive restoration of a shop front in preparation for new signwriting;

  • Landscape design to create 3 or 4 different outdoor rooms that could be adapted and used in different ways and would fold out or pack away depending on the time of year and requirements.

Chesil Property Maintenance are based on Portland, and again look very similar to Upcycle Interiors Limited and House Martin. Chesil Property Maintenance specialises in rooms that require plumbing – that is bathrooms and kitchens.

Something that is an interesting observation to make is that none of the other Maintenance/Handyman businesses (mentioned in the UIL blogs) are Limited Companies. Even RCD Contracts (South West) are not a Limited Company and they have a team of people.

This is something we will discuss in the next blog…

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