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How to repair peeling paint

This is my tried and tested method for repairing areas of peeling paint without resorting to scraping the entire wall!

If you have a large area of render of plaster or thick layers of paint which is peeling off, as soon as you get your paint scraper out it starts to peel in thick chunks and suddenly a small repair job becomes a bit of an ordeal!

Never fear, I have a solution for you!

  • Grab your Stanley knife and draw a cut line around the area which needs attention. This acts like a barrier to stop anything outside of the line from peeling.

A white interior wall with a large patch of peeled-oiff paint
1. Draw a cut line around the area

  • Scrape off around this area to remove any loose paint until you find the points where the paint feels more 'stuck' - if you get all the way to the cut line and it's still peeling easily try moving it a bit further out onto an edge where the paint naturally starts to resist.

A white interior wall with a patch of scraped off paint
2. Sand the area up to the cut line
  • Sand the entire area, rough it up well so you have texture for the new coating to stick to and remove any last bits of flaky paint.

An interior wall being sanded over a patch of peeled-off paint
3. Sand the area well

  • Wipe down the whole area with just water and a rag or sponge to remove any residue and dust.

The interior wall being cleaned with a damp sponge over the patch of removed paint
4. Wipe down the area well

  • When the area is dry, use Zinsser Gardz or Zinsser Peel-Stop to paint the surface. Both of these products are designed to bind it back together so if there is any more loose, flaky bits underneath the paint it soaks in and binds it back together.

An interior wall being prepared with Zinsser Gards product
5. Use Zinsser Gardz or Peel-Stop to bind the area

  • Once it's dry, you can fill and sand or plaster over the patch. You've effectively stuck it back together without having to plaster the entire wall!

A plastered area of an interior wall
6. Fill or plaster over the area

  • When you are ready to paint your wall, use a trade paint for a better quality finish - and less coats required! More on this in my latest video - why you need to buy trade paint

A repaired and painted white interior wall
7. Finish the area using a Trade Paint

Hopefully this blog will save you some time when redecorating - and a lot less stress! If you use this tip, don't forget to comment and let me know how you get on.

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