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Property Checklist: Autumn/Winter

So what happened to summer? It seemed to fizzle out around mid July…. So with dark, damp, cold days threatening it’s not too late to grab the last rays of Autumn sunshine and start to get your property ready for Winter with this handy checklist:

- If you still have outdoor woodwork to paint then an “Indian Summer” might just dry it out enough to get a coat of paint on before the ‘eternal damp’ sets in;

- If you have a log burner or stove its time to get your firewood covered up, a simple tarpaulin over the top is enough (and raise it off the ground on an old pallet), don’t worry about a bit of rain on the edges;

- Check your gutters are clear, don’t drip, seals are intact and downpipes effectively shed the water away from your house…. Yet again – water is the enemy of our property!

- Pin down large objects in the garden before strong winds catch you out,

For all your property maintenance needs please do get in touch or WhatsApp on 07971461101 or click here

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