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Who’s the new kid on the block?

Updated: Jun 30

“Pssst, have you seen the new kid in school? Hey, look at him! Ohhhhh, who is that, what is his name? Wow what a big shiny chisel!” Jokes aside, I want to welcome onto the scene Able & Mason!

Jason Steerment, Trading As “Able & Mason” has been quietly beavering away with wood and building up the foundations of his business ready for a big launch this September.

You might have already seen him around and about because he has been performing magic feats with a chisel (restoring listed buildings) for years. Working under various other companies banners he has now taken the plunge to go-it-alone.

So for all your door, window and joinery needs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jason . If you’re feeling sociable, find his facebook page too, give him a like and follow, go on, you know you want to.

UIL wishes Able & Mason the best of luck in what will hopefully become a great venture.

For a no obligation quotation please get in touch with UIL here or WhatsApp us on 07971461101


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