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Meet The Team

Mark – Founder, director, CEO and … everything. UIL is essentially the vision of one man – Mark Ellery. Mark is personally involved in all his projects from the moment the lead comes in, until the final sweeping up on site..

Subcontractors – UIL does not subcontract any work. For projects where a skillset is required that falls outside of UIL areas of expertise then Mark knows and works alongside other businesses who he can introduce to your project. The customer can then pay these trades directly for their services.

So who does Mark know and trust with his business? -

Electrician – KBR Electrical Limited

Accountant – Ward Williams

Website - Lisa

Van – Is a tool or vehicle a member of the team? Yes! The current UIL van is an ex-Royal Mail Ford Transit in the legendary shade of ‘friendly’ red that everyone knows and loves.

Family - Children and wife, supportive, understanding, loving… and at the end of the day – they are what it’s all for.

IT – Gajit

Photography – Lisa

Mechanic – Owning an older vehicle inevitably results in a close relationship with a good mechanic. UIL can highly recommend Moreys Diesel Services in Bridport . If you are looking for someone closer to home (Weymouth) for a small niggling issue, or something that other garages aren’t interested in because all they want to do is the quick and simple “parts changes” and MOTs then try Jamie at JB Restorations, he is interested and willing to investigate difficult to diagnose problems.

Commercial Waste – Hump ‘n’ Dump

Signwriting – MDR Signs

So there you have it, these are the consultants, people and businesses that support UIL.

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