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Upcycle Interiors LTD - Meet the Weymouth handyman with the big red van

Hey there! So if you are new to Upcycle Interiors or haven't had the pleasure of using our services yet, let me introduce myself!

Weymouth Handyman Mark stood in front of his red transit work van

I'm Mark Ellery, and I've been the handyman behind Upcycle Interiors Ltd since 2016.

I have always had an interest in building things out of recycled materials. During my time at University back in the 2000's, studying Architecture, I completed many personal projects including building an 'earth oven', pallet decking, and even outdoor furniture before completely redesigning and renovating my unloved and neglected one-bedroom flat in East London in 2006 using upcycled and reclaimed materials - all the while still living in it! I took a hands on approach, conducting all of the work myself (except specialist trades: plumbing, electrics and stone flooring).

After training architecturally for 7 years, I eventually left my Senior Design Manager job in the big city to build my own path in the form of Upcycle Interiors Ltd. I went from being a sole trader to a Limited Company in 2018.

Using my extensive skills in architecture, design, consruction and carpentry I became my own boss in order to concentrate on personalised property renovations and work with the history and feel of a building to create concepts that respect the materials and story of the property.

Handyman Mark in front of a wall painting some corner shelves

I now move between the drawing board, CAD station, drill, hammer and saw.  I no longer confine my lifelong passion, refined style and creativity to sketches and drawings;  I see projects through from conception to completion... I have grown from being a solo handyman to working with a trusted team of local traders and managing projects as well as getting hands-on, which means we can carry out almost any job required!

I have had the pleasure of meeting and carrying out work for many wonderful customers, in Weymouth and the Surrounding areas, and back in London.

You can read more about my story here...

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