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The Architecture Is In The Detail

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

“The devil is in the detail” so they say, alternatively, the “The Architecture is in the detail”, which is far better considering we are discussing buildings.

Both of these sayings are so true! Details can make or break a project, in the same way that they can make or break a business.

UIL is proud to act in a professional manner at all times and to conduct business in a completely transparent manner. There is nothing to hide - you will find all of the company details in this blog:

  • Company Registration Number (at Companies House) - 11641998

  • Registered Office Address - 36 Harefield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, United Kingdom, UB8 1PH

  • Waste Carrier (Disposal) Registration Number – CBDU400611

  • Public Liability insurance policy number - Zurich PC243956

  • Email Address -

  • Phone Number - 07971461101

  • Website –

  • UIL is not VAT registered

  • Copies of all insurances and DBS certificates are available upon request

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