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Sustainability and The Environment

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I will put my hands up and admit that in all my marketing material, mentioning sustainability and the environment is something I completely overlooked.

I had just made the assumption that nowadays everyone thinks about these things.

For me it is just a normal way of life - to reuse materials, salvage something or be conscious of waste.

The business is based on foundations of sustainability: upcycling (reusing) materials is at the core of the company and this is something that helps the environment. Rather than producing waste, the business tries to take a waste product and make something beautiful from it.

Taking care of the environment is a local thing, seeing fly-tipped timber or building materials can be depressing at the best of times, but I see this as an opportunity to challenge my creativity and see what I can make of it. Using a bike where possible is also important to me, did you ever see someone looking sad and unhappy on a bike!? With tools and materials on site, there's no reason why all the commuting cannot be done by bike, it helps reduce congestion, gets me to my destination faster, and doesn't pollute the air.


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