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UIL's Upcycled Cordless Paint Stirrer

What do you do when you have old tools that need a new lease of life? Put them to work of course!

My grandad gave me lots of old tools when I started Upcycle Interiors, and of course there are just come tools which I would have been unable to make good use of. That's where my upcycling skills came into good use!

As a handyman and painter, having a tool to quickly and easily mix paint is an absolute saviour! I attached an old whisk to the old manual drill, and now I have the perfect paint stirrer :) I think grandad would be impressed that his tools have a new lease of life and will keep helping me in my Handyman business for many more years.

If you have a painting job that needs doing and would like to see my famous paint stirrer in action, give me a call or send me a message and let's chat about how my stirrer and I can help!

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