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New Team Member

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Where has the time gone? It’s been around 2 years since I last updated the blog! I wouldn’t put it down to “time flying when you’re having fun” so much, more a case of being busy – which is good.

The business is now completely re-established and known in Weymouth with regular advertising in ‘Free Portland News’, Contact magazine, The Register and CheckaTrade directory. You might also see our correx advertising boards outside clients' homes or receive a business card dropped through your door (with a money-off voucher). We have built up a new client base and even with the Covid-19 situation the workload is consistently busy.

The biggest development for the business is the new team member – the van! Bigger projects are more efficient now and jobs further afield can be considered. This is not to say the company has gone away from it’s sustainable roots – far from it, walking and cycling to local jobs is still an option that is regularly utilised and sometimes even an advantage (for example where parking is not possible) and reusing salvaged materials will always be at the core of the business.

Hopefully towards the end of 2021 we will start to see the easing of Covid-19 social-distancing and lockdown restrictions will start to be lifted. So make sure your gardens are ready for all those outdoor gatherings and I hope to see you soon.

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