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Limco (no, not Limbo)

Sometimes it does feel like we are living in a limbo…. So any time you can bring order to the chaos it is probably a good idea to do so! Don’t hire a fly-by-night or unprofessional trades-person, do your due diligence and you probably wont come unstuck.

When you are dealing with a proper incorporated Limited Company you, the customer will have access to certain information that other types of businesses (e.g. Sole-Trader) don’t or wont provide.

For example, you can look up a Limited Company on Companies House and have free and easy live access to –

· Full names of Director(s);

· Address;

· See how long the business has been established

· See previous names of the company;

· Company accounts (and are they up to date with them!?);

· Search the Director(s) names to see if they have a track history of “Phoenix Companies”;

The credit score and financial stability of a company can also be looked up online.

A limited company is not normally something that is set up or dissolved quickly, proper companies normally are a show of real commitment to the business. By becoming Limited it shows more professionalism and dedication (certainly to the financial and accounting side of the business) and it is a sign that the Director(s) are performing at a certain level. Being a company Director has a number of legal standards and responsibilities that must be adhered to, read more about them here.

You can also look the company up online to check they are a genuine company – verified by

Click here to see UIL at companies house

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