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Hair-raising Bathroom Electrics

A space saving design solution UIL utilised back in 2018/2019 was to install a washing machine in a bathroom. This is a common design tactic utilised in Europe and America and really it does make sense – after all, why would a washing machine be in a food area (kitchen)? If you don’t have a utility room then a bathroom (with all it’s lovely cleanliness and plumbing) is the obvious place for a washing machine.

Read the post that UIL wrote on MyBuilder here NB it is always important to remember that building regulations and electrical regs. are constantly changing and professional advice should be sought at the start of each and every project. Guidance and advice should also be taken from each individual washing machine manufacturer. Putting a washing machine in a bathroom is not a DIY task and should not be attempted at home without employing and consulting professional experts. As an example the ‘3 meter rule’ has been changed since the post of MyBuilder was written, as of 30th March 2022: “Amendment 2 distance of a socket from a bath = 2.5m.”

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