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Deposits (& Mental Health Again!)

When you’re already feeling ill, down and low on energy then someone knocking you back, cancelling on you last minute, rejecting you, or ghosting you, can make an already bad situation a lot worse.

This subject touches on the Mental Health / Mental Strength blog that UIL previously wrote about. “Getting Knocked” is the reason why it is important to build up your mental strength, so that when people act in a way “that’s just business” it doesn’t affect you negatively and drag you to a dark depressing place. You need to have the strength to handle uncomfortable situations and power on through.

When you’re feeling ill or low, the last thing anyone needs is rejection – but it seems to be that bad things always happen in threes (why is that?).

Upcycle Interiors Limited has learnt that the best system for everyone is to make use of deposits. These are non-refundable and are not “to cover materials” (UIL has a healthy cashflow and generally has the funds to kick-start most jobs). The deposit protects both parties – it gives the customers piece of mind that UIL is going to turn up “on the dot” at the correct date that has been agreed and booked well in advance (see UIL blog ‘3 Pillars – Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy’). The deposit also reassures UIL that the customer is serious about the job going ahead and is not going to cancel at the last minute. Last minute cancellations could potentially leave us with an empty calendar and days/weeks of unpaid time while we scramble to find other work or rearrange our calendar and see if other jobs can be brought forwards (which is not always possible because most jobs rely on the customer being home). If a job is ever cancelled unreasonably close to the start date the deposit is lost and goes towards covering the cost of time already spent on the consultation and quotation, design, reviewing drawings and specifications, calculating quantities, ordering materials, administration, mobilisation and all the other background tasks that the customer never sees. Of course where a job needs to be rescheduled or there are extenuating circumstances a discussion can be had to work out the best way for everyone to go forwards.

To book, please click here or contact Mark via WhatsAPP on 07971461101

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