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The Bermuda Triangle & Doctor Who

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A bit like the Bermuda triangle a project budget will always be a thing of mystery – after all, how do you control time, quality and money!? Surely only Dr Who can control time?! The simple answer is that you cannot control and prioritise all three aspects of a project – even for the best Project Manager, it is impossible.

There are 3 elements to every project and they consist of - Time - Quality - Money You must only choose 2. In other words you must choose which element to sacrifice.

For example, if you want a high-quality kitchen fitted in a short period of time then the price will be high. If you want a basic cheap shelf put up on the wall and it doesn’t need to align with anything else or be centered to anything (quicker) then the job can be done quickly and cheaply but the “quality” is lower…

For your upcoming project think about what might be important to you and consider that a tradesperson may naturally produce a better-quality job if paid by the hour/day. This was also covered in a previous blog here.

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