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The correct height for garden fences

It's summer and we are all rushing outside to improve our garden spaces while the sun is shining.

But before we start on the aesthetics of the garden we need to make sure it is safe and secure, and sometimes that means starting with replacing the fence.

But this is where it can get confusing...

Which side of the fence is mine?

At a quick glance, you can work out which side of the fence is your responsibility by looking at which way it is facing. The nice side of the fence typically faces into your garden, but this is not always the case.

If you have access to the deeds of your property, it's usually indicated on the boundary line with a 'T'.

After working out which part of the fence is yours and not your neighbours, you've seen some perfect fence panels in the colour and style that fits your design.

They come in multitude of different measurements. You like privacy so you want to get the tallest fence panels, but did you know there is a limit to the height you can put up?

What is the height limit for my fence?

In the UK, a garden fence, wall or gate can be no more than 2 metres high - or 1 metre if it's next to a footpath or highway, so as a general rule your front garden would be 1m and your back garden would be 2m. If you want to make it higher, or add ornaments to fence or gate posts that would make it taller than this limit, then you would need to apply for planning permission.

What if my fence is already higher than 2m?

If your existing fence or wall is more than 2m and was there when you moved into the property, then you can replace it with the same height as long as you are not making it any taller.

What about getting rid of my old fence?

Your old fence panels can be taken to the local rubbish dump, or for a small fee you could use a waste disposal company - Upcycle Interiors now offer a waste disposal service, so if you can't get them to the local tip don't panic!

If your panels are in relatively good condition, we are very invested in reusing and recycling materials so the wood could be given a new lease of life in a project elsewhere.


Hopefully this quick read will give you the answers you are looking for! If you have any further questions, would like a quote for a fence to be replaced or to get it disposed of, just give us a call on 07971 461101 or send us a message over on our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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