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Common Misconceptions: Mould

It is a common misconception that you can chuck a bit of household bleach over the mould around your shower tray or at the edge of the bath and it will get rid of it. It may seem like a “no effort” quick fix, but all it will do is bleach the mould from black to invisible, the mould is still there, it just cannot be seen… and then it’s back! So you naturally do what anyone would do, step it up a notch, scour the supermarket shelves for a product specifically designed to kill mould… unfortunately it seems that virtually all of these products are sold on “untruths”… they all seem to contain salt (sodium), and while they may momentarily kill the mould the salt attracts further moisture from the atmosphere which accelerates the growth of new mould (read more about salt in a future blog). So if it is a fact that salt exasperates the problem then what is the answer? Answer - BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE That is the secret ingredient – no, not bleach. So next time you need to kill mould look for that key ingredient and avoid Bleach (which hides the problem) and certainly avoid Sodium (exasperates the problem and makes the mould multiply!).

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