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Pole Dancing

Updated: Jan 25

Dancing around a pole really does make the time fly by!

No, not that sort of pole! An extension pole for a roller cage – when painting walls!

If you haven’t used an extension pole when you are roller painting a wall then you’re missing a trick. A few years back we realised that holding a roller cage by the “handle” was actually a bit of a red herring – it shouldn’t be called a handle at all really and to hold it by its own handle puts a lot of strain on your wrist - very quickly leading to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in as little as one day!

Really, an extension pole should be screwed into the end of your roller cage, we found a mere 30cm extension was enough to make a huge difference and completely changes the way you hold a roller and put the paint on. Further upgrading to an extension that is 60cm-80cm also had the benefit that you can paint an entire wall from ceiling to skirting in one stroke without needing to over-reach (pulling muscles) or stooping (hurting your back). These small tweaks in technique allow you to paint a bigger area, faster, with more efficiency, and result in less fatigue and injuries. Win, win, win!

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