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My top tips for keeping your DIY area tidy

Selection of Handyman tools

Doing odd jobs yourself can be greatly rewarding - until it comes to cleaning up after!

Here are some of my top DIY tips for keeping the clean up to a minimum.

DIY Tip #1 - Vacuums are your friend

This is one of my most used tips! If you are doing a job which is going to create lots of dust, like drilling holes, sawing or sanding, make sure you keep your vacuum close by. If you don't have a handy assistant why not try attaching it to your drill so it can suck up any debris whilst you are working?

DIY Tip #2 - Recycle those envelopes

Going back to drilling, if you are hanging a picture or anything that involves a vertical wall, tape an envelope underneath where you will be making the hole. This will catch any mess and can be easily disposed of after - you can even use a post-it note if you don't have an envelope to hand! Just fold the bottom into a little ledge and it'll protect your floor from itty bitty gritty bits.

DIY Tip #3 - Pringles are a painter's pal

I love this tip! Paint rollers can be messy, so make use of a pringles tube to cover the roller. Make a hole in the tube lid and slide it over your handle, and you can seal the tube up for next time - this also stops the paint from drying out if you are halfway through decorating.

DIY Tip #4 - Odd socks

If you have lots of thin or fiddly areas to paint, such as bannisters or chair legs, put those odd socks to good use and use themto paint with! you can slide it over your hand and dip it in the paint to get a bettter coverage than you would get with a brush - and it's a lot quicker! When you're done, you can send your paint pal to odd sock heaven knowing it has had a purpose in it's short textile life.

Nice and tidy!

Well there you have it, just a couple of hacks to save you time and sanity in keeping clean and dust free. Do you have your own useful hacks you'd like to share? Leave a comment below! Check out my TikTok channel for more tips of the trade.

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