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My Story:

Hi, my name is Mark; architecturally trained for 7 years, I now move between the drawing board, CAD station, drill, hammer and saw.  I no longer confine my lifelong passion, refined style and creativity to sketches and drawings;  I see projects through from conception to completion...

When I completed my Post Graduate Diploma at the height of the The Great Recession I turned my back on Architecture and  joined a Stone Specialist (sub-contractor) design department.  After 3 years I was promoted to Senior Design Manager, running the department of 8 to 14 people (and up to 85 sub-contractors).  I learnt a lot about the construction industry from the other side of the table: how contractors get things done and their relationship with the Interior Designers and Architects.  


Frustrated by the poor business sense and construction knowledge that some Interior Designers/Architects displayed, I was happy that my parallel career to Architecture allowed me to do something I was passionate about: creating spaces that people live in.  


Having enjoyed Technology classes at school, producing full scale Architectural models during my education, and with a GNVQ and BTEC in Construction I have a sound knowledge of how materials can be put together and a good DIY skillbase. I began an ambitious personal project from which I have learned innumerable practical skills: a full renovation of a repossessed, neglected, one bedroom flat in South East London.  For this project I was Interior Designer, Client, and Builder.


The challenge was to fully renovate the flat using as many upcycled materials as possible - all whilst living in it.  Eventually spaces were redesigned and every surface was new; the achievements can be seen in a series of articles on the Boidus Website.  I took a hands on approach, conducting all of the work myself (except specialist trades: plumbing, electrics and stone flooring).  I tested my organisational skills – a key strength - and learnt important lessons about the sequence of construction, programming and organising finances, loans and mortgages.


Now I transfer my construction knowledge, carpentry skills and passion for design to  property renovations.  A seamless marriage of materials old & new, rough & smooth, brings my concepts to life.  Expressing the raw form, story, and history of a building or material is important; I feel that a material should be respected for what it is.  


You can read further information on MyBuilder and CheckaTrade.

My CV is on LinkedIn and Boidus.

Tel: 07971 461101

01305 236334


Company Number: 11641998 Registered Office Address: Bay Lodge, 36 Harefield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, United Kingdom, UB8 1PH


Company Number: 11641998 Registered Office Address 37 Brockill Crescent, London, United Kingdom, SE4 2QA

Company Number: 11641998 Registered Office Address 37 Brockill Crescent, London, United Kingdom, SE4 2QA