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By Mark, Oct 4 2019 12:38PM

With Checkatrade reviews dating back over a year it's about time I gave you my thoughts and opinions on it, after all, this is a blog, right? So what better place to air my views!

So what do I think? It is good! Yup, thats pretty much it, CheckaTrade is good, well actually, maybe I'm being unfiar - it's excellent. And no, they're not paying me to say that. Let me explain - of all the trade directories and lead generation sites I have used CheckaTrade does the most stringent checks and is head and shoulders above the rest. If you find a company or tradesperson listed on their site then personally I believe they are professional, trustworthy and serious. I don't think you will find cowboys or "fly-by-night" types on there and the monthly fee certainly puts off the people who are just looking for a little bit of extra pocket money.

I do have some gripes about CheckaTrade, feedback from customers is slow to upload to my page (compared to other trade sites I'm on), they have taken months to update the description of my company and verifying my qualiofications was less than easy. These are gripes not dealbreakers though.

As my existing customers will know, I love to get online feedback and reviews, after all, it is the new currency! In this day and age without an online presence and reviews new customers may struggle to trust you and go elsewhere which is understandable. In the past when I've looked for tradespeople I have always wanted to vet them online. That is not to say that good olde word of mouth is dead - the two need to exist in tandem.

Of course, CheckaTrade comes at a cost - it is not free! This is why I ask customers to also leave feedback on FreeIndex. It's not to try and look like I have more feedback than I actually do, I'm trying to collate all my feedback in one place rather than have it spred over four or more different sites. This makes it easier for customers to comprehensively review me and my business.

By Mark, Nov 27 2018 11:52AM

The number of trade directory and lead generation websites seems to be ever-increasing! Just when you think you know them all, a few more pop up.

I've even done my own market research to try and figure out which ones the general public know about and trust.

Recently UIL has joined the following pages:

- My Hammer

- Houzz

- My workman (bit of a sexist name that one eh!?)

- My Job Quote

- Next Door

- ScoopLoop

Before that UIL mainly focussed on Rated People and My Builder. But I am now pondering, is online "chatter" replacing good old word of mouth or is it working alongside it?

Personally, if someone I know recommends a tradesperson then I'm quite likely to get them in to quote, whereas online forums can be completely hit and miss and without knowng the credentials of who is saying what how do you know if you can trust their opinion or not?

Check A Trade is a directory, a bit like the yellow pages - a business pays to advertise and then a customer could look up the tradesperson and then contact them directly. The customer choses the builder.

My Builder and Rated People are lead generation websites, whereby the customer advertises the job and then the tradesperson pays a fee to "buy" the customers contact details and provide a quotation. The builder choses the customer.

Is printed advertising dead now, do people still respond to ads placed in local newspapers and magazines?

What about local blogs, has this replaced the good old "small ad" in a newspaper?

Then there are local Facebook pages which are like virtual word of mouth, personally I respect what a local person says more than a random forum I might have found.Maybe thats becuase I trust a local trades person more, but I dont know why. Is there logic behind it?...

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