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By Mark, Oct 14 2019 02:50PM

Upcycle Interiors Limited (UIL) is excited to announce that the business will be relocating to beautiful & sunny Jurassic coast town of Weymouth (Dorset) next week!

The business has more than 100 projects under it's belt and I (Mark) would personally like to thank every single one of my previous customers. South East London is where the company was founded and the adventure began.

Originally from Weymouth I am excited to be returning and am looking forward to meeting new people and establishing the UIL brand in Weymouh. Available now to begin quoting for new work to start as early as November 2019.

Upcycle Interiors Limited - the reliable, professional and trustworthy handyman, carpentry and property maintenance company that is local to you!

By Mark, Oct 4 2019 12:38PM

With Checkatrade reviews dating back over a year it's about time I gave you my thoughts and opinions on it, after all, this is a blog, right? So what better place to air my views!

So what do I think? It is good! Yup, thats pretty much it, CheckaTrade is good, well actually, maybe I'm being unfiar - it's excellent. And no, they're not paying me to say that. Let me explain - of all the trade directories and lead generation sites I have used CheckaTrade does the most stringent checks and is head and shoulders above the rest. If you find a company or tradesperson listed on their site then personally I believe they are professional, trustworthy and serious. I don't think you will find cowboys or "fly-by-night" types on there and the monthly fee certainly puts off the people who are just looking for a little bit of extra pocket money.

I do have some gripes about CheckaTrade, feedback from customers is slow to upload to my page (compared to other trade sites I'm on), they have taken months to update the description of my company and verifying my qualiofications was less than easy. These are gripes not dealbreakers though.

As my existing customers will know, I love to get online feedback and reviews, after all, it is the new currency! In this day and age without an online presence and reviews new customers may struggle to trust you and go elsewhere which is understandable. In the past when I've looked for tradespeople I have always wanted to vet them online. That is not to say that good olde word of mouth is dead - the two need to exist in tandem.

Of course, CheckaTrade comes at a cost - it is not free! This is why I ask customers to also leave feedback on FreeIndex. It's not to try and look like I have more feedback than I actually do, I'm trying to collate all my feedback in one place rather than have it spred over four or more different sites. This makes it easier for customers to comprehensively review me and my business.

By Mark, Aug 15 2019 01:01PM

I will put my hands up and admit that in all my marketing material, mentioning sustainability and the environment is something I completely overlooked.

I had just made the assumption that nowadays everyone thinks about these things.

For me it is just a normal way of life - to reuse materials, salavage something or be concious of waste.

The business is based on foundations of sustainability: upcycling (reusing) materials is at the core of the company and this is something that helps the environment. Rather than producing waste the business tries to take a waste product and make something beautiful from it.

Taking care of the environment is a local thing, seeing flytipped timber or building materials can be depressing at the best of times, but I see this an an opportunity, to challenge my creativity and see what I can make of it. Using a bike where possible is also important to me, did you ever see someone looking sad and unhappy on a bike!? With tools and materials on site theres no reason why all the commuting cannot be by bike, it helps reduce congestion, gets me to my destination faster and doesnt pollute the air.

By Mark, Dec 9 2018 07:48PM


Upcycle Interiors Limited (UIL) is now fully booked until Christmas and is taking bookings for 2nd January 2019 onwards. Over the Christmas period UIL may have limited availability to visit and provide quotations.

If you'd like to start your new year on the right foot and have work that needs to be done, please do get in touch now for a fully detailed, no obligation, free quotation.

January can be a good time to get big landscaping projects done - before vegetation grows in spring. Alternatively, you may need some design or drafting services to be started early to get your project off to a strong start in spring. Either way, UIL is available on the phone (8am til 8pm every day) and email, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Oh, and here we are raising a glass to you and your fututre custom - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers

By Mark, Nov 27 2018 11:52AM

The number of trade directory and lead generation websites seems to be ever-increasing! Just when you think you know them all, a few more pop up.

I've even done my own market research to try and figure out which ones the general public know about and trust.

Recently UIL has joined the following pages:

- My Hammer

- Houzz

- My workman (bit of a sexist name that one eh!?)

- My Job Quote

- Next Door

- ScoopLoop

Before that UIL mainly focussed on Rated People and My Builder. But I am now pondering, is online "chatter" replacing good old word of mouth or is it working alongside it?

Personally, if someone I know recommends a tradesperson then I'm quite likely to get them in to quote, whereas online forums can be completely hit and miss and without knowng the credentials of who is saying what how do you know if you can trust their opinion or not?

Check A Trade is a directory, a bit like the yellow pages - a business pays to advertise and then a customer could look up the tradesperson and then contact them directly. The customer choses the builder.

My Builder and Rated People are lead generation websites, whereby the customer advertises the job and then the tradesperson pays a fee to "buy" the customers contact details and provide a quotation. The builder choses the customer.

Is printed advertising dead now, do people still respond to ads placed in local newspapers and magazines?

What about local blogs, has this replaced the good old "small ad" in a newspaper?

Then there are local Facebook pages which are like virtual word of mouth, personally I respect what a local person says more than a random forum I might have found.Maybe thats becuase I trust a local trades person more, but I dont know why. Is there logic behind it?...

By Mark, Oct 17 2018 09:13PM

So with the property investment strategy on the back burner and the conveyancing ongoing (why does it take so long? There simply is no excuse...) I turn my attention to handyman services, carpentry and interior/landscape design....

...No job is too small and I am happy to work on an hourly rate or day rate if that is what you want. However, I find that most customers prefer a fixed price written quotation.

Aside from the hands-on jobs, I also offer more academic/professional services like interior design, landscape design, project management and specialist stone consulting. As these services range vastly please contact [email protected] to discuss in detail.

For every job that UIL (Upcycle Interiors Limited) work on, the customer is provided with a fully transparent written quotation fully describing what is included in the job to avoid future confusion. I always clarify everything before I begin and if the job changes I keep the customers informed of any decisions. Your written quotation will be fully broken down so you can see how I have arrived at my price and you will have the opportunity to add or omit any aspects of the job to meet your budget. I offer a professional service and am punctual. Payment can be made by online bank transfer or cash, whichever the customer prefers.

At present I am covering all of SE4, which is around 12,000 dwellings and seems to keep UIL busy enough! This includes Brockley, Lewisham, New Cross, Deptford, Ladywell, Crofton Park and South Bermondsey. If your property falls outside of these areas please don't hesitate to ask for a quotation, I've recently completed work in SE15 and SE8. If your job is relatively small and very far away UIL will still be happy to quote but may need to add a small amount for time taken travelling - like I said, I'm fully transparent with my quotations and am always happy to discuss the costs and work with you to find creative solutions to bring your job in for the right price.

By Mark, Aug 24 2018 07:55AM

So much has happened!

I took the plunge: quit my full time (secure) job so I could set up professionally. In June 2018 we were finally incorporated at Companies House. The step had to be taken, there just arent enough hours in the day to work for someone else whilst trying to do my own thing and persue my passion. To be honest, the idea has been in my mind since I was studying my GCSEs at age 14/15 and I designed a small housing development... I always thought I would have my own firm. Then in 2007 during my Post Grad studies I really refined my style and started testing ideas.

Fast forward to 2012 and my property investment journey really began.

As I am sure most people will tell you, chosing to leave a well paid and secure (full time.... permanent...) employment contract is not a small step or anything to be taken lightly! It took some courage, but after more than 10 years working for other people it was time to work for myself.

After 2 months of full time property searching (which can feel extremely unrewarding at times, especially when you view property after property, make offer after offer and simply get nowhere... while not earning a penny) and meeting with estate agents we found the perfect property. The next renovation should hopefully begin before Christmas! :-)




By Mark, Aug 22 2016 08:44AM

Life has been busy here at Upcycle Interiors! We have been working round the clock on a 3 bedroom 1930's house renovation in South East London.

We had the redesign of the internal layout and sub-contracts in place as soon as the Conveyancing was completed - ready for exchange of contracts. Within the first 4 days we had completed the rip-out and didnt lose any time removing a structural wall and inserting a new beam. Other structural changes included taking out two windows, installing new bifold doors and blocking up the existing back door.

Existing fireplaces have been restored to working order, original floorbaords have been refurbished, and original 1930s doors have been sourced for a new hand made wardrobe to match the existing panelled doors in the room.

Completion was on time - finished in early 2016.

All design and build work was by Upcycle Interiors, specialist work was subcontracted: structural works, plastering, stone floor, bricklaying, electrics, plumbing, chimneys and log burner, wooden floor sanding.

The large (6x20m) garden is currently undergoing complete relandscaping (2m high blockwork rendered wall, fences, relevel the garden, brick path, decking, bike shed, potting shed, herb garden, raspberry bushes, vegetable patch) expected to finish at the end of 2016 - rerady to plan in spring 2017

By Mark, Jan 8 2016 03:23PM

So, what to say?! Hello! Thanks for visiting Upcycle Interiors Ltd. (UIL).

Upcycle Interiors are happy to finally have a name and a clear concept nailed to the mast.

We know what our style is: until now it has been in "draft format" with numerous prototypes being built (mostly at 1:1), but now it is well defined and has a strong architectural basis. We are confident with our abilities and limitations and know when we need to sub-contract to other professionals.

We have the education, experience, and energy... please do let us know what we can do for you!

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